Damai Manis means ‘Sweet Peace’. These images will give you some idea of why we chose the name.
We hope you will visit us soon, to experience at first hand the charm and serenity of our beautiful Villa.


Entry garden Bed 3 ext lounge Pool Lounges 213A5447 Pool Lounges 2 213A5445 213A5444 213A5440 213A5439 213A5438 213A5437 213A5436 213A5433 213A5429 213A5427 213A5426 213A5422 213A5421 213A5418 213A5415 213A5410 213A5408 213A5407 213A5404 213A5403 213A5401 213A5399 213A5397 213A5395 213A5394 213A9942 213A9928 213A9917 213A9916 213A9915 213A9911 213A9846 213A9844 NEO_5028 copy